Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dear Readers, through my blog, I hope to bring you links to scientific, social, political or economic develops that mirror the historical path taken by the Alterrans in The Alterran Legacy Series.
This post concerns telepathy through implants. In Colony Earth, Lil and selected guardsmen are fitted with implants that permit them to communicate telepathically. They refer to it mencomm. The memcomm technology is actually an ancient technology that was banned because eons ago it was deployed by terrorists to highjack the minds of jet pilots, nuclear reactor operators, train conducts, and similar folks to plunge their world into darkness and chaos.Needing to survive on Earth, where his colonists are stranded. En.Lil breaks Alterran law to use mencomm so that his men will be able to communicate over long distances after their high tech devices lose power. In future series, En.Lil's mind will continue to evolve with his mencomm powers.
This technology is emerging in our present day. Here is a link to one of many experiments.
As usual, though, rat experiments have beat out the humans.

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