Friday, April 25, 2014

Great Review for book 3 Resurrection, by Reader's Favorite. Release May 1, 2014


Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Barbara Garcia for Readers' Favorite

Resurrection by Regina M. Joesph is the third book in the Alterran Legacy Series. On Earth, En.Lil's body has been recovered from the river. His brother, En.Ki has managed to build a small power supply that not only transports Anu and the Elders back to Alterra, but runs the rejuvenation chamber just enough to bring En.Lil back to life, though not completely heal him. Drood brings Azazel back to life and holds him and Morgana captive while he tries to convince Azazel to join forces with him. Azazel will have none of it, though it brings intriguing possibilities. With the zodiac now in Leo, it's time for Anu to ascend to being Supreme Leader on Alterra, taking over from his father, Ama. Anu has his hands full almost immediately on Alterra. With the Kans plotting a revolt and spreading dissension, there are traitors to be discovered. En.Ki and his sister take bold action in attempting to give En.Lil what he wants most: his beloved Alana back. En.Lil returns to Alterra to answer for his actions on Earth, unaware of En.Ki and his sister's plans. When Ama and Anu discover a pyramid deep underground, its message is clear, and Anu takes steps to change his way of leadership, but will it liberate his people, or give the enemy even more of a weapon against him?

Resurrection by Regina M. Joseph is the outstanding continuation of The Alterran Legacy Series. Having read Colony Earth and Khamlok, I was eagerly anticipating the release of this novel. I was not disappointed! The plots and intrigue in this story were exactly what I expected as Ms. Joseph expertly wove fiction and Sumerian legends together yet again. The story never becomes tired; Ms. Joseph knows exactly what her characters should be doing at all times, and never fumbles to make the story work. For 3 full length novels in a series, that is no mean feat. It takes an enormous amount of material to accomplish this. If your heart was broken at the end of Khamlok, you can rejoice in Resurrection, I certainly did. Ms. Joseph set the Universe right for me again with it. I highly recommend all three books in this series, but do yourself a big favor and start with Colony Earth, you'll be absolutely hooked!

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