Monday, December 15, 2014

The Alterran Legacy Series


I'm fascinated by how civilization began. Archaeologists trace human roots back hundreds of thousands of years, yet we only know much about the last ten thousand years or so.  What did those people do and how did they live?  Were there flourishing civilization that perished?  
And what made civilization blossom with agriculture across the ancient world at about 12,000 b.c.e.?

Little is known about our ancestors outside of tales labeled as mere mythology. Those tales from around the globe have amazing similarities. And then of course there are those pesky pyramids that defy explanation. 

One of the oldest documented civilizations is that of Sumeria, located near present day Iraq.  Recently translated Sumerian tablets report that each city was nurtured by the "ones who came from the stars." Yes, ancient aliens. With them, civilization flourished in the sophisticated cities. Although the starmen's technology was highly advanced, politically they seem backward--they were ruled by a father and his two sons. En.Lil, the primary son governing Earth, was in appearance an adolescent. If this story has any truth, how could that be?  My answer is through rejuvenation.

Many of our current social, political, and technological trends might conceivably lead to a global rule by a single family. And humans are always yearning to explore the universe. If we find a planet with primitive hominid life, what will we do? 

Like a forensic investigator, I interpreted their world from the morality they taught to shape the mesopotamian civilizations. And so, I constructed the world of The Alterran Legacy Series. My first installment, Colony Earth, was released in October 2012, and it won the first place 2012 global eLit Award in science fiction/fantasy. This volume imagines why they were here and decided to stay. The second installment, Khamlok, was released in March 2013, and it describes their first attempt at nurturing civilization, as well as why they changed course in Sumeria. After all, an advanced civilization doesn't go to primitives on another planet and just decide to erect high mud brick walls with a central ziggurat unless they were learning lessons from past experience. The third in the series, Resurrection, is nearing publication, and it deals with the consequences to En.Lil of his decisions on Earth. It also follows one of the most well known Sumerian "myths", or is it historical fact?  I am writing the concluding volume, Redemption.

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